INBOTS Conference will own its poster session to show the papers of several relevant figures working in the development and uptake of Interactive Robotics. This sesión will take place on Tuesday, October 16th from 12:20 to 13:00.

The posters are:

  1.  “Medical robotics and the daunting certification process” by Arantxa Rentería.
  2. “Conceptual Analysis: technology, machine and robot” by Aníbal Monasterio, Daniel López, Manuel Aparicio, Ricardo Morte, Txetxu Ausín y Mario Toboso.
  3. “Robotics as an instrument for social mediation” by Mario Toboso, Ricardo Morte, Aníbal Monasterio, Txetxu Ausín, Manuel Aparicio y Daniel López.
  4. “Second Hands: A collaborative maintenance robot for automated warehouses. Implications for the industry and the workforce” by Giuseppe Cotugno, Dario Turchi, Duncan Russell and Graham Deacon
  5. Loud and Cloud: Human Responsability for Cloud Robotics Ecosystems” by Eduard Fosch Villaronga and Christopher Millard