Workshop 1: Promote entrepreneurship and non-technical support to SMEs: success stories and new opportunities

16th October at 9:40-11:10 and 11:30-13:00


Roberto Conti,, IUVO

Sarah Terreri,, PAL Robotics


Interactive Robotics is one of the emerging field of the robotics that covers all robots that are in close proximity with a person. The interaction between the robot and the human can be physical, cognitive, and emotional (e.g. wearable robots, collaborative robots, rehabilitation and assistive robots, humanoids, educational robots, etc.).

The main objective of the H2020 INBOTS (INclusive roBOTics for a better Society) project is to create a multidisciplinary community that can bring together experts to debate and create a responsible research and new robotic paradigm. In particular, one of the pillar in the INBOTS project aims at promoting entrepreneurship in the field of interactive robotics, evaluating non-technical barriers which stuck up potential new entrepreneurs.

Workshop objectives:

The main goal of this workshop is to show the participants (i) a collection of success stories from entrepreneurs in the interactive robotics field and (ii) present to new entrepreneurs new innovation models and tools. During the workshop will be presented success stories of SMEs, new economic approaches and tools employed by start-ups and emerging companies in the field of Interactive Robotics.

The workshop will start with an introduction of the INBOTS projects with particular attention to WP1 outcomes. Presentations will be divided in two sessions:

  • Session#1 – Different stories in the field of interactive robotics. 16th October at 9:40-11:10

    9:40-9:55: Brief introduction of the workshop objectives (Roberto Conti, Sarah Terrreri)

    9:55-10:20 : IUVO: a successful spin-off company on wearable robotics technologies (Nicola Vitiello, IUVO)

    10:20-10:45: PAL robotics: Humanoid robotics vision (Francesco Ferro, PAL Robotics)

    10:45-11:10:Movendo: an IIT spin-off company (Jody Saglia, Movendo)

  • Session#2 – New innovation models, opportunities and tools for start-up companies. 16th October at 11:30-13:00

    11:30-11:55:ComauRobotics: interactive robotics in the industrial field (Andrea Bisson, Comau)

    11:55-12:20: Key Intellectual Property Aspects of Robotics (Enrico Bonadio, City University)

    12:20-12:45: Database tools for analysing the market (Sebastian Weide, VDI/VDE)

    12:45-13:00: Final discussion about the two sessions (Roberto Conti, Sarah Terrreri)

Confirmed talks: Nicola Vitiello, Francesco Ferro, Andrea Bisson,  Hilary Pagnotta, Enrico Bonadio, Sebastian Weide