Workshop 2: Debate on legal, ethics & socio-economic aspects

18th October at 15:00-16:30 and 17:00-18:30

Amparo Grau, (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Enrico Bonadio, (City University of London)

The H2020 INBOTS CSA project, in the path towards Inclusive Robotics for a better Society, makes this first call to the relevant stakeholders for an urgent debate in a broadened community, where all can address common and varying interests.
This year, our session will particularly focus on ethical, legal and socio-economic concerns in order to share views with the participants and, together with their contributions, be able to better describe, in a more comprehensive manner, the current state of the art. Upon this experience, we will find out how to improve each agent’s behaviour in an uncertain future.
The final INBOTS White Paper on Interactive Robotics’ legal, ethics & socio-economic aspects will accurately consider all the proposals to make, accordingly, some recommendations and set out useful guidelines, helping the orientation of the expected European Union rules and their application by the Member States.
Workshop objectives:
The INBOTS team’s intermediate conclusions on liability, risk management and insurance issues; IP law constraints; impact of robotics in the labour market and CSR aspects will be exposed.
The attendants to this workshop will have the opportunity to participate in two open dialogues:

  • The first one, on IP licensing (for the shared use of robotic technologies between different organisations), and the legal consequences of robot-assisted invention, and of liability, insurance and risk-management strategies in different application domains.
  • The second one will allow labour market experts to discuss the current perceptions of the impact of interactive robotics in different sectors with European and national institutions. The role of Corporate Social Responsibility within the organisations will be also explored, while assessing the room for self-regulation and ethical approaches. In addition, an invitation has been sent to the EU Commission for a representative of DG Employment or DG Growth to deliver a Keynote speech (confirmation is still pending).

Presentations will be divided in two sessions:

Session#1 – 16th October at 15:00-16:30

  • 15:00-15:10: Introduction: what have the projects done so far in relation to ethical, legal and socio-economic issues (ELSE)? ELSE in INBOTS / ELSE in COST
  • 15:10-15:25: Maarten Goos (Utrecht University) “Digital Technologies, Growth and Inequality”.
  • 15:25-15:40: Mark Coeckelbergh (Vienna University) “Robotics: Some urgent ethical and societal issues”
  • 15:40-16:30: Expert Consultation run by COST members

Session#2 – 16th October 17:00-18:30

  • 17:00-17:20: Santiago Mediano (Santiago Mediano Abogados) “AI, ROBOTS & IPRs – AN APPROACH TO OWNERSHIP”
  • 17:20-17:50: First round of papers submitted to INBOTS Session 2 Workshop:
    •  “Autonomy, Responsibility and Risk as Basic Concepts in Robot Ethics”. Michael Funk and Mark Coeckelberg.
    • “Towards an Iterative Regulatory Process for Robot Governance”.  Fosch-Villaronga and M.A. Heldeweg
    • “Regulation and Corporate Social Responsibility for Inclusive Robotics”. María Amparo Grau Ruiz
  • 17:50-18:20: Second round of papers submitted to INBOTS Session 2 Workshop:
    • “Cartography of the Values Involved in Robotics”. Daniel López, Aníbal Monasterio, Mario Toboso, Manuel Aparicio, Txetxu Ausín and Ricardo Morte
    • “Ethics of AI and Robotics”. Vincent C. Müller
    • “Discursive Frameworks for the Development of Inclusive Robotics”. Manuel Aparicio, Mario Toboso, Txetxu Ausín, Daniel López, Ricardo Morte and Aníbal Monasterio
  • 18:20-18:30:Wrap-up & Conclusions


Posters related to this session will be presented on Tuesday, October 16th from 12:20 to 13:00:

  1. “Conceptual Analysis: technology, machine and robot” by Aníbal Monasterio, Daniel López, Manuel Aparicio, Ricardo Morte, Txetxu Ausín y Mario Toboso.
  2. “Robotics as an instrument for social mediation” by Mario Toboso, Ricardo Morte, Aníbal Monasterio, Txetxu Ausín, Manuel Aparicio y Daniel López.
  3. Loud and Cloud: Human Responsability for Cloud Robotics Ecosystems” by Eduard Fosch Villaronga and Christopher Millard


Confirmed talks: Maarten Goos , Santiago Mediano